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Academics will find Deni's analysis of various theoretical propositions of alliance behavior useful, though his acronym-laden discussion of NRDCs, HRF(L)s, and the MTIWG (NATO Rapid Deployment Corps, High Readiness Forces, and the Military Transitional Issues Working Group, respectively) may prove daunting to the uninitiated.
John Deni, political advisor to US military forces in Europe and lecturer at Heidelberg University, examines how the realities of establishing NATO's Rapid Deployment Corps (NRDC) furnish insights into the broader theories of alliance management and doctrine development in this compact, if pricey, monograph.
A report by Tufts University, commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), presents two ways of estimating the costs of inaction on climate change that the Tuft researchers say lead to "staggering bottom lines."
Chlorpyrifos; Order Denying PANNA and NRDC's Petition to Revoke Tolerances.