NREBNatural Resources and Environment Board (Sarawak, Malaysia)
NREBNorthern Region Electricity Board (India)
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chairman of the NREB, has also presented the National RE program (NREP) in the Philippines with a roadmap running for six years.
NREB is working with the Newark Alliance and the ICSC-NJ State Government Relations Committee to maximize the impact of Mayor Booker's participation at convention.
No particular RE power source was committed to NREB, Layug said, adding that Shell is 'open to any RE' and that 'they will start looking for potential RE source.
With over a billion of dollars' worth of development initiatives currently underway or planned for Newark, now is the most critical time in the city's history for it to capitalize on the renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm over Newark's future," said Edward Rytter, executive director of NREB and a vice president of Prudential Insurance Co.
The NREB chair has reiterated that "the grid rate has dropped due to lower fossil fuel prices," primarily referencing on the prices of coal as well as the plummeting cost of oil in the world market.
But all of a sudden, just when our leader Benigno Simeon (aka BS) got the inspiration to appoint a new ERB chair, the same ERB approved the recommendation of the NREB to increase the FIT allocation to 500 MW in a rather secret move.
For the information of electricity consumers, the NREB is an attached agency of the DOE tasked to recommend policies, rules, and standards to govern the implementation of the Renewable Energy Law which includes the granting of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to renewable energy projects.
However, ERC set a lower rate than the one proposed by NREB, citing its own assumptions based on NREB's presentations and comparative studies.
The launched the policy formulation in partnership with all stakeholders through the NREB.
The wind power developers are considerably "the jealous cousin" of solar, hence, regulators are expected to act too on the anticipated petition of NREB for the technology.
I would also be interested to know from the DoE their strategy as to how players will be allocated given the nameplate capacities that have already been applied for and key is if we can go beyond the 50-MW cap or target set by NREB, said by Mejia.
NREB said its calculation had been anchored on 2011 power rates and considered renewable technology installations of up to 1,200 megawatts.