NRECANational Rural Electric Cooperative Association
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Like the farm bureau, NRECA is joining forces with NTCA and other rural associations to fight for nationwide broadband.
NRECA Board Chairman Wally Wolski and NRECA's Director of Grassroots Advocacy Randy Dwyer give us insight on how we, as electric cooperatives, can most effectively leverage our political strength for the benefit of our members and our communities.
Middle-school students across America have increased insight into how the lights get turned on thanks to a national education campaign spearheaded by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, an affiliate of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), Arlington, Virginia.
When Valerie Taylor of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) in Washington sought to organize a training program for more than 900 organization members dispersed across 47 states, single-location gatherings presented challenges.
My father used to come in and say, 'It's time to start an honest day's work,'" recalls Burgess, CPM, RPA, who heads up NRECA's National Real Estate Property Management Services division, a for-profit sector of the national non-profit organization that represents the interests of electrical cooperatives and their constituents.
NTCA board transfers the administration of the association's field service and benefits program from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to NTCA.
Thompson is also working with Tanzanian officials towards a broader national energy plan through NRECA International.
Kotzebue Electric Association Board President Frank Stein and General Manager Brad Reeve accepted the award presented by NRECA Chief Executive Officer Glenn English and President Fred Lackey during a celebration luncheon attended by an estimated 10,000 representatives from electric cooperative utilities throughout the United States.
For rural families, whose average annual income hovers in the $30,000 range according to NRECA estimates, low rates mean more money for other essentials.
The co-op and public power lobbies, the National Rural Electric Association (NRECA) and the American Public Power Association (APPA), organized a letter-writing campaign.
In Washington, the electric co-ops are represented by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (the NRECA); four different lobbies fight for the cooperative, investor-owned, and private companies that can get telephone loans.