NREFNeurosurgery Research and Education Foundation (American Association of Neurological Surgeons)
NREFNatural Resources Engineering Facility (University of Alberta, Canada)
NREFNorth Russian Expeditionary Force (North Russia Campaign)
NREFNetwork Return Entry Fee (banking)
NREFNatural Resources Enhancement Fund (Nebraska)
NREFNon-Infarct Related Ejection Fraction (cardiology)
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Led by Tom Atwood, NREF Executive Director, the team has recorded more than 150 images of 100+ organizations exhibiting at the show.
The images were collected by Atwood and fellow NREF reporter David Brion.
(i) Since the values of [I.sub.irr,ref], [I.sub.0.ref], and [R.sub.SH,ref] must be positive in order to obtain a physical meaning for these three parameters, it is possible to find the conditions for the range of the independent unknowns nref and [R.sub.S,ref] from (18), (19), and (20).
When eNR(N) [not equal to] nref Nx) then the cross-correlation peak strongly decreases.
The cross-correlation considers two (NxM) images, ref(x, y) as reference image and nref (x, y) as non-reference image.
The cross-correlation considers two (NxM) images, ref (x,y) as reference image and nref (x,y) as non-reference image.