NREGNational Rural Employment Guarantee ("Scheme" or "Program"; India)
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Most importantly, MG NREG Act and Scheme were not available in any of the four GPs across all the three phases of implementation.
The NREG study spanned more than 300 transactions and surveyed the volume and speed with which the commercial real estate marketplace is moving.
Not a single household was denied wage employment in 19 NREGS districts.
Another distortion brought about by NREGS is the fillip it has given to mechanisation of farm operations.
So, if we can find means to start employment, to create jobs like for example through NREGS scheme, then, I feel much of the problem will be solved," he added.
The benefits to NREGS will come through Aadhaar's pledge of financial inclusion.
Initially, workers of NREGS will plant trees at home and also provide two months care to the newly planted trees at home.
They talk about development activities and welfare schemes like the NREGS during the elections but the implementation of these schemes is barely visible.
Decried by some economists as a populist sop, the NREGS is in fact designed to revolutionise India's leaky bureaucratic mechanism for dispersing money and to free the poor from exploitative middlemen by channeling an unprecedented level of funds (and decision-making power) to village-level elected officials.
Tenders are invited for Printing of Bengali Forms for IPPE-II under NREGS Bankura
But to turn an emergency relief programme like NREGS into the state's primary anti- poverty and anti- inflation tool is standing the meaning of the term ' safety net' on its head.
Funds pouring in the Panchayat through NREGS are main attraction for this change.