NRELNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRELNatural Resource Ecology Laboratory (Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO)
NRELNavana Real Estate, Ltd. (est. 1996; Bangladesh)
NRELNational Restricted Electrical Licensing (Australia)
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About the Event: The Industry Growth Forum hosted by NREL attracted 350 innovators and investors to Denver.
I am pleased that NREL can now show visitors how they are achieving their commitment to renewable energy.
NREL employs a systems integration approach designed to accelerate the transformation of U.
The university and NREL showed that thin-film solar cells less than one-micron thick can be removed from a silicon substrate used for fabrication by dipping them in water at room temperature.
Four years ago, the Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC, a joint venture between Battelle and MRIGlobal, won the contract to manage NREL.
This cooling system, together with innovative data centre design, is expected to result in the NREL facility becoming the world's most efficient data centre, with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.
As such, DOE/NREL felt a sense of urgency about maximizing the energy efficiency of the buildings on the NREL campus.
We are pleased that NREL selected Spire to participate in this highly competitive Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Incubator program, whose goal is to shorten the timeline for companies to transition prototype and pre-commercial PV technologies into pilot and full-scale manufacture," said Edward D.
MRI and Battelle have forged a strong working relationship while co-managing NREL over the past decade," said James L.
a thin-film solar cell developer based in Santa Clara, California, were studied at NREL as part of a collaboration between NREL and Innovalight scientists.
CTV also will fund research that complements DOE-sponsored work at NREL on bio-oil reforming.
For instance, the NREL team finds that in lead selenide dots, a photon must have at least two and a half band gaps of energy to produce two exeitons.