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NREMSNon-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep
NREMSNavy Regional Enterprise Messaging System
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We observed a similar increase in apnea occurrence during NREM sleep and during the whole sleep time in heterozygous and homozygous Cdkl5 KO female mice, strengthening the statement that the sleep apnea occurrence rate can be a significant biomarker for validation of future therapies in CDKL5 disorder.
(a, c) Apnea occurrence rate during NREM sleep (a), REM sleep (b), and total sleep period (c).
Then, the individual passes into REMS and NREMS follows this in turn (36).
In depressed patients, a reduction in the number of delta waves during the first NREMS period is observed, together with decreased delta activity throughout the night in polysomnography studies (36).
It is reported that electrical stimulation of the LHb increases NREMS in cats [23].
The EEG data recordings were scored manually by Sleepsign software (KISSEI Nagano, Japan) in 10 s epochs for wakefulness, NREMS, and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REMS) according to the standard criteria [24].
A repeat PSG examination one month after starting this treatment regimen found significant changes in his 9-hour (540 minute) sleep cycle: it included 4.5 m (0.8%) wakefulness, 219 m (40.6%) Stage I NREMS, 220 m (40.7%) Stage II NREMS, 26.5 m (4.9%) Stage III NREMS, and 70 m (13.0%) REMS.