NRFINuclear Resonance Fluorescence Imaging
NRFINot Ready For Issue
NRFINational Referendum for Iran
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To test the hypothesis that government spending replaces private spending, we regress the growth rate in GDP, GAP, and NRFI independently on the growth rate in government spending from the prior year (1951--2011).
Although GAP and NRFI are not perfect either, we suggest that either of these measurements would be a substantial improvement over our present reliance on GDP.
NRFI technology detects the energy level of photons emitted by nuclei as they decay.
Seroneutralizacion por reduccion del numero de focos infecciosos (NRFI)
The revised NRFI estimates are based on the revision of the NIPA's released in July 1987; they affect the distribution of real spending across industries as well as the levels of "all industries' spending from 1984 to date.
Among the most widespread revisions are those associated with changes in the transformation coefficients relating to industry computer usage and with revisions in the NRFI estimates relating to computers.
In the first quarter, as an occasion in the past, BEA used two, largely independent, procedures in estimating NRFI. The use of the two procedures helped ensure that the estimate captured fully both domestic and imported PDE, although that was not the only reason the two procedures were used.
The nonresidential fixed investment (NRFI) series, which is a component of GNP, differs from the P&E expenditures series in type of detail, data sources, coverage, and timing.
The coverage of the series and the pattern of estimates differ from those of the nonresidential fixed investment (NRFI) component of GNP.
Afloat Supply Officers dread receiving BK1 status (follow-up on shipment of an NRFI transaction) on their DLR turn-ins.
Verifying DLR stock material ensures that no Not-Ready-For-Issue (NRFI) parts are not accidentally stowed in your storeroom.
An NRFI [not ready for issue] asset in, material required to fix it after induction, and presenting an RFI [ready for issue] asset back is part of their primary contributions to aviation readiness.