NRFUNorthern Rugby Football Union (UK)
NRFUNon Response Follow Up
NRFUNetwork Ready for Use
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abandoned the plan to use the handhelds for NRFU, would resort to the
NRFU was expected to account for about $2.3 billion of the
based in previous censuses, the paper-based NRFU in 2010 would rely on
that testing had "only recently started" for the 2010 NRFU,
component of the second release that will be used to manage NRFU"
the Bureau's ability to monitor NRFU workers' productivity and
NRFU could threaten the success of the 2010 census.
census work, such as enumerators to conduct NRFU, and provide space for
positions related to NRFU. (82) The weak economy may have given the
follow-up called into question whether a paper-based NRFU, with
Shortly after NRFU ended, however, the Bureau reported that it had not