NRGPNational Responsible Gambling Programme (South Africa)
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The main problems facing the NRGP are how to ensure that more of those who would benefit from treatment actually seek it.
The NRGP funds and trains these practitioners to provide evidence-based therapy, including an initial evaluation.
From its inception to February 2011, the NRGP's toll free counselling line (0800 006 008) received more than 308 000 calls; 12 810 callers were referred for free treatment (or about 100 per month on average), and 107 received inpatient treatment for pathological gambling.
About the same percentage of casino patrons also knew that free help is available to problem gamblers and their families, and they had heard of the work of the NRGP. For patrons of shopping malls these figures fell to 25%, which is still encouraging.
A particularly innovative prevention work currently being developed and delivered by the NRGP is its programme called 'Taking Risks Wisely', which deals with all risk-taking behaviours--not just gambling--and provides a text-based teachers' manual with lesson plans, interactive exercises, etc.
The NRGP conducted four prevalence studies between 2001 and 2009, available on the website (
After more than 10 years in operation, the NRGP is widely regarded by those who have studied or evaluated it, within South Africa (5) and from abroad, (6) as being effective in minimising the harm caused by excessive or uncontrolled gambling.
The Programme receives stable funding from the industry in South Africa at 0.1% of winnings from players, but the governance and operation of the NRGP occurs independently of both legislators and industry representatives.
Additionally, simultaneous with the issuance of its common stock, Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Company purchased USD26.3m of NRGP common units and USD9.9m of MMP common units owned by members of senior management.
The company also purchased USD8.8m of unregistered NRGP common units owned by members of NRGP senior management with cash at a 6% discount to the five-day volume-weighted average price before the closing date.