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NRHCNational Rural Housing Coalition
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NRHCNational Reproductive Health Council
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NRHCNational River and Harbors Congress
NRHCNon Resident Health Cover (Australia)
NRHCNordic Reproductive Health Council
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* Whether the NRHC Ban is a reasonable and demonstrably justified limit on freedom of expression.
To date, the Supreme Court of Canada has not ruled on whether NRHC or any other form of scientific or medical research constitutes "expression" under s.
2(b) test established by the Supreme Court of Canada, the moral worth or value of NRHC or the content of any messages conveyed by NRHC should not be a consideration in determining whether the NRHC Ban infringes on freedom of expression.
Is NRHC an Activity which Attempts to Communicate a Meaning?
(14) The question, then, is whether NRHC is an activity which conveys a meaning or message.
On one hand, NRHC may be seen as a non-communicative activity because the process is devoid of any inherent meaning or ability to convey meaning.
On the other hand, however, it may be argued that, while NRHC is not always necessarily communicative, this process is inherently communicative when undertaken for the purposes of scientific or medical research (which, presumably, is the case with most NRHC).
In this context, the NRHC process or any other scientific experiment is more than a medium of expression: it is part of the scientist's communication of ideas.
In short, although NRHC may not initially present as a communicative activity, the communicative element of this activity becomes readily apparent when NRHC is considered in the appropriate context of scientific or medical research.
Conditions of the transfer include a requirement that NRHC use the property exclusively for historic, cultural, or educational purposes.
NRHC is currently recruiting potential new or existing cultural/historical museums to fill the museum mall-especially those with ties to the heritage of the Northern Rockies.
"The NRHC is not only preserving a major part of our history and culture, but is also increasing our capacity to draw tourists to Missoula, which can only be a boost to the economy," says Missoula's Mayor Mike Kadas on the NRHC website.