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NRKNewark (Amtrak station code; Newark, DE)
NRKNorsk Rikskringkasting (Norwegian State Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
NRKNormal Rat Kidney
NRKNorsk Retrieverklubb (Norwegian Retriever Association)
NRKNederlandse Rode Kruis (Dutch: Dutch Red Cross)
NRKNon Resident Keralite (India)
NRKNihon Ruuteru Kyoudan (Japanese Lutheran church)
NRKNippon Record Keeping Network (Japan)
NRKNorsk Røde Kors (Norwegian Red Cross)
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American passenger John Curry told NRK that he was having lunch as the cruise ship started to shake.
The chief minister said a range of new initiatives for the benefit of NRKs, including an NRK dividend-cum-pension scheme, is under discussion and will be launched soon.
Issac also set aside Rs150 million for rehabilitation programmes of returned diaspora and another Rs90 million for the NRK Welfare Fund.
Chief guest Karnataka Non-Resident Indian Forum deputy chairman Dr Arathi Krishna explained the NRK policy introduced by the Indian state government.
"It was a nightmare to watch," he told NRK. "The worst thing was the animals that were not killed in the accident, they were lying there, suffering, it was a bloodbath over several kilometres," he added.
And I am here to knock Cecilia out, if not I wouldn't have come," LaurAaAaAeA@n said before deciding to lock lips wi her opponent, according to ( NRK.
Even though the NRK adheres to these principles today (Sundet, 2008), we would not expect to find the same logic during the mid-1980s in an organisation that had had a market monopoly for decades.
The Maat Foundation is connected to the Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD), a Norwegian-based NGO which is currently under investigation for money laundering activities, following investigative work by NRK. The organisation has been charged with laundering over NOK 100m (EGP 95m) in May this year.
Snowden attempt to enter Norway through any means, the Government of Norway notify the Embassy immediately and effectuate the return of Snowden to the United States by way of denial of entry, deportation, expulsion or other means," the NRK quoted the note which was dated June 27, 2013.
Last year NRK had announced that the EU would win an hour before the official statement.
NRK has acquired substantially all of the assets and liabilities of five other Nuveen sponsored New York state municipal closed-end funds.
Originally introduced by the private company that pre-dated the public service broadcaster NRK, the practice of scheduling blocks of ads was maintained after the establishment of the publicly funded radio monopolist in 1933.