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De facto recognition of coexistence is seen in the spatialisation of invasive plant management in Australia, which frequently distinguishes between spaces where exclusion, eradication, containment, or control are possible, different activities being recommended and resourced in each (NRMMC, 2007).
For a variety of reasons including scarce resources, invasive plant management and policy in Australia are currently designed according to a species prioritisation process, a key feature being the list of Weeds of National Significance (WoNS), which arose out of the 'National Weeds Strategy' (1997), later rereleased in 2007 as the 'Australian Weeds Strategy' (NRMMC, 2007).
While the value of recycling nutrients from materials such as biosolids and industrial by-products is recognised by regulatory bodies in Australia, there are often human and environmental health risks associated with the application of untreated wastes (NRMMC 2004).