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NRMSNash-Rocky Mount Schools (Nashville, NC)
NRMSNeutralization-Reionization Mass Spectrometry (mass spectrometry)
NRMSNatural Resource Management System (USACE)
NRMSNorth Royalton Middle School (Ohio)
NRMSNavy Retention Monitoring System
NRMSNovell Remote and Managed Services
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However, despite the relatively privileged position of Slovenian NRMs (when compared to other countries of the region), the general level of religious tolerance is not particularly well developed, and the society as a whole does not display a positive attitude towards NRMs.
The first volume of the work, History and Controversies, begins with a lengthy article by Timothy Miller, covering religious innovation from colonial times to the present, and includes a whole host of entries that look at issues of leadership, law, gender, age, sexuality, violence, and globalization as they relate to NRMs, as well as to the history of Christian and secular countercult movements.
(109.) A similar argument would apply to the restrictions on NRMs in France and the anti-propaganda provisions of the Singapore law.
Material examined.--BURMA (MYANMAR): Bhamo (NRMS; syntype, Doria ded.
Scholars of religion have identified various characteristics that are common to NRMs. In practice, however, it proves difficult to provide a specific description of NRMs because they vary so widely, from New Age associations to Buddhist meditation groups to Christian premillennialist movements.
This marked sympathy by some leaders of new religious movements with European fascism opened the door for the most successful anti-cult campaign in US history; the federal and state government attack on NRMs thought to be sympathetic to the Axis powers in particular, or to fascism in general.
Using an onboard inertial unit to navigate, the NRMS uses a multibeam, forward-looking active sonar to detect moored and bottom objects and a side-scanning HF sonar to classify them.
The book is an investigative study of three NRMs: Focolare, Communion and Liberation, and the Neocatechumenate.
Because the mean luminance of the target and surround pixels varied from location to location, rms was normalized (nrms) by dividing by the mean luminance: nrms = rms/m.
Hans Terlouw (McMaster) addressed the technique of neutralization-reionization mass spectroscopy (NRMS) in which mass selected ions are neutralized, forming novel neutral intermediates which can be demonstrated to exist in the dilute gas phase.
The notion of neutrosophic matrix ring have been successfully applied and used in the neutrosophic models such as neutrosophic cognitive maps (NCMs), neutrosophic relational maps (NRMs) etc.