NRNPNational Registry of Neurofeedback Providers
NRNPNorwegian Radio Navigation Plan (Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs; Norway)
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Treatment with LMW TEMPO and nRNP did not have the same suppressive effect.
Our GPx activity results showed that [RNP.sup.N] treatment increased GPx activity compared to treatment with NSS, TEMPO, or nRNP, indicating the elevation of GSH level like NAC-treated group.
Interestingly, treatment with [RNP.sup.N] was found to diminish lipid peroxidation compared to treatment with NSS, TEMPO, or nRNP, while % inhibition of [O.sub.2.sup.-*] was also higher in the [RNP.sup.N]-treated group compared with the NSS-, NAC-, TEMPO-, and nRNP-treated groups.
In the NSS + APAP, TEMPO + APAP, and nRNP + APAP groups, inflammatory infiltration of lymphocytes, vacuolation, swelling, and centrilobular necrosis were observed, while pretreatment with [RNP.sup.N] and NAC was found to prevent these histological changes.
Caption: Figure 3: Size distribution of [RNP.sup.N] (a) and nRNP (b) assessed by dynamic light scattering (DLS).