NROINational Range Officers Institute (various locations)
NROINet Railway Operating Income
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NROI was designed in response to demands of safety managers who need a fast and efficient way to record injury data and generate regulatory reports.
Safety managers can use NROI not only to do regulatory reporting of injury data, but can also create reports that help them get the most from their data by examining it from many different aspects.
NROI allows for injuries to be weighed against each other in terms of their impact, so that more costly injuries take priority as the focus of safety programs.
One major advantage of NROI is its capacity to create regulatory filing-quality reports in less time and with less cost.
An example illustrates how much administrative time NROI can save safety managers: Using a traditional format, OSHA 200 logs can take anywhere from 8 to 16 hours to complete.
To circumvent this problem, NROI allows for electronic routing to different departments and sites, which significantly cuts down on time spent trying to get one form filled out by people in different locations.
NROI was designed in the most user-friendly way possible, to reduce user error and time spent completing forms.
NROI database queries will allow users to examine data from many different angles.
Companies can also use NROI to keep track of changes in different performance areas over time.
With many companies instituting goals to decrease costs due to worker injury, NROI may be the most important tool safety managers can use.