NROMNon Volatile Rom
NROMNitride Read Only Memory
NROMNormal Range of Motion (physiology)
NROMNitrided Read Only Memory
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Eitan, "Read disturb in NROM charge trapping non-volatile memory device," in Proceedings of the 66th DRC Device Research Conference Digest (DRC '08), pp.
The trapped-in-the-spacer electron charge is monitored in a reverse read-out scheme (2) .Two bits of information (in the spacers from both sides of the gate) are stored in a single memory transistor, similar to NROM memories.
No disturb issues different from those known for NROM memories were revealed in the studied range of cycles and employed voltages.
Saifun Quad NROM four-bit-per-cell technology represents a breakthrough in existing NVM technology by doubling the storage capacity of conventional memory cells and providing a simpler architecture that requires fewer manufacturing steps and reduces manufacturing costs.
SMIC has deliverd its first engineering samples of its advanced 2Gb NAND flash product based on the Saifun NROM two-bit-per-cell technology.
Masao Taguchi, general manager of Fujitsu's System Memory Division, added, "The combination of Fujitsu and AMD's leading-edge non-volatile memory technology and Saifun's innovative NROM technologies will cement the companies' market leadership position in non-volatile memory."
Together, we will be able to leverage our respective strengths to create ultra-high density Flash with the world's leading cost-structure based on Saifun's NROM technology.
The obligation to transpose the Directive nroms into national legislation is presented in article 1, item 1 and specifies that it applies to all EU Member States, except Denmark.
This new legislation fulfils nuclear security requirements in full comformity with the Kingdom's international obligations and other nroms, in particular those developed by the IAEA, he explained.