NRPSNew Riders of the Purple Sage (band)
NRPSNiagara Regional Police Service
NRPSNonRibosomal Peptide Synthesis
NRPSNon-Regular Permanent Staff (British military)
NRPSNotice Review Processing System
NRPSNumerical Rating Pain Score (patient discomfort scale)
NRPSNon-Revenue-Producing Space (General Services Administration)
NRPSNether Robertland Primary School (UK)
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The BSP launched the NRPS in December 2015 to provide a safe, efficient, and reliable digital or electronic payment system in the country.
Following the launch of PESONet, the BSP, other government agencies, and industry players will continue working for the full implementation of NRPS.
The NRPS, which is commissioned by the independent consumer watchdog Transport Focus, represents the views of over 100,000 rail passengers on a broad spectrum of issues.
Under the continued leadership of the BSP, the Philippines can look forward to more government tie-ups with the private sector as well as regulations and policies that will ease the path of cashless transactions including the upcoming migration to EMV-chip enabled cards and the full implementation of the NRPS.
The NRPS provides an opportunity to examine the pension impact when its payment is modest.
Determination of the substrate selectivity of the catalyzing, A domain was accomplished either by the ATP-PPi exchange assay or by analysis of the selectivity- conferring residues as guided by the nonribosomal code of A domains from NRPS [23].
The NRPS album I liked but was it because most of the numbers were quick and around just three minutes?
This is the case for hybrid molecules barbamide and curacin, both of which result from a biosynthetic route that includes both PKS domains and NRPS domains (22-23).
Patients reporting a numerical rating pain score (NRPS) >2 (on 0 to 10 scale) on emergence in the post anaesthesia care unit (PACU) were administered intravenous morphine 2 mg every three to five minutes to achieve a NRPS less than or equal to two.
The band has intertwining roots with musicians from the Grateful Dead, including Jerry Garcia himself, with whom Dawson performed in coffeehouses in the late 1960s and in early incarnations of NRPS.
The experiment was designed according to the mechanism of NRPS.
The NRPS system will create an environment that allows easy access to financial services, make payments and receive or transfer funds to other accounts anytime, anywhere, at a reasonable price from any digital device.