NRRCNuclear Risk Reduction Center
NRRCNorthside Residents Redevelopment Council (Minnesota)
NRRCNatural Resources Research Center (Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado)
NRRCNational Rex Rabbit Club
NRRCNortheast Regional Response Center
NRRCNational Refinery Reform Campaign (advocacy)
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From the start, the NRRC became synonymous with scientific innovation and excellence--especially in the area of fats, oils, carbohydrates, and fermentation research--with benefits not only to producers and consumers regionally, but nationally and internationally as well.
In 1990, by order of Congress, the NRRC was renamed the National Center for Agricultural Utilization (NCAUR) to better reflect the diversity of its research, which today is conducted at seven research units: Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens and Mycology, Bioenergy, Bio-Oils, Crop Bioprotection, Functional Foods, Plant Polymers, and Renewable Product Technology.
Secretary Clinton said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony was "a little bit like cutting the ribbon on a piece of diplomatic history," since the NRRC's history encompasses the period of Cold War tensions.
NRRC in the Harry S Truman building has secure and reliable lines of direct communication with foreign governments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The NRRC, which is in Walker Road, Byker, handles 120,000 tonnes of Newcastle householders' rubbish every year.
The antecedent of a NRRC can be a noun phrase, (41), an adjective, (42), an adverb or prepositional phrase, (43), a part of the matrix clause, (44), or the whole matrix clause, (45); for example,
But in that case the NRRC must translate the message from Russian into English before disseminating it to various U.S.
Neil Rutger, Yinong Yang, Hong Li Wang, and members of Molecular Plant Pathology Program at DB NRRC. We thank Dr.
Clearly, the NRRC is a milestone of the late Cold War era.
Welsh, Director of ARS' Natural Resources Research Center (NRRC), Fort Collins, Colorado.
and Russian heads of state, the NRRCs are special diplomatic communication links intended to provide reliable, rapid and secure transmission of notifications and government-to-government communications.