NRRSNational Recreation Reservation System (aka National Recreation Reservation Service)
NRRSNASA Records Retention Schedules
NRRSNon-Resonant Raman Scattering
NRRSNear Resonance Rayleigh Scattering
NRRSNational Residential Radon Survey (US EPA)
NRRSNash-Reagent-Reactive Substance
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The variations of the GCW spectra (Figs 5, 6) were obtained with a new NRRS (Non-linear Radio thermal Resonant Spectroscopy) method using a set of microwave radiometers (94.0, 37.5 and 20.0 GHz), mounted on an automatic rotator.
This study demonstrated that the remote radiometric NRRS measurements with a set of microwave radiometers are able to provide reliable and comprehensive information on the state of the sea surface in the range of wavelengths corresponding to the gravity-capillary part of the spectrum.
The Forest Service narrowed the competitive range between Spherix, the incumbent contractor for the National Park Reservation Service run by the National Park Service, and Reserve America, the NRRS incumbent contractor.
Arkansas is the fourth most active state in initiating reservations through the NRRS system.
We reserve the abbreviation 'NRR' to refer exclusively to the medium-run concept of the neutral real rate.
In section 2, we set out what we mean by the NRR. In section 3, we outline the uses and limitations of the NRR.
Because the EHDs are assumed to be excited as constant currents, the NRR is equal to the ratio of the total power radiated by the EHD in the presence of the CNP and in free space.
In addition to the NRR values for various EHD-CNP configurations, the derived field solutions will also be used to study the power flow inside and outside of the CNP.
Although the TFR is a much more widely used measure, the NRR is regularly used in publications by national and international statistical offices, such as those from the United Nations Population Division.
The NRR is a one-sex demographic measure as it only considers the female population.
Accordingly, when conducting monetary policy, decision-makers implicitly take a position on where the NRR lies, because they need to reflect on just how much stimulus current interest rate settings might be adding to/subtracting from the economy.
At the same time, the NRR itself cannot be observed directly.