NRRTSNational Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers
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NRRTS claims Stossel's guests shared misleading statements in the segment to make scooters seem like a better choice than power wheelchairs.
NRRTS Executive Director Simon Margolis claims many of the statements made by Kehres were inaccurate, especially concerning the prices of the scooters Amigo offers.
Margolis, along with all NRRTS registrants and clinicians, as well as on behalf of the people with disabilities they serve, are asking Stossel to reconsider the statements made on his show.
There are many seating and mobility professionals who may not be identified through NRRTS or RESNA.
The National Registry for Rehabilitation and Technology Suppliers (NRRTS), a professional membership organization, can also supply a directory of members; for more information, call NRRTS at (806) 797-7299.