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One study found substance abuse as more likely to be associated with NRSE than RSE [3].
Moreover, the short-term mortality rate of RSE is between 16 and 39% which is about three times higher than that of NRSE [3, 18, 19, 60].
3.3 A 4-Single [pi]-Coil, "Perfect" Dispersionless NRSE with Zero
7.3 Bootstrap NRSE Coil Components and Specifications
It is conventional to perform NRSE asymmetric scans by fixing the static field and scanning [delta](BL)= [L.sub.0]-[L.sub.1].
In an NRSE instrument, for a perfect polarizer and analyzer, the non-spin flip quasielastic signal in the detector is
The NRSE spectrometer operates at a single frequency for each scan point (or [[tau].sub.NRSE]).
Note that if such a circuit is used to drive M coils in parallel (for example the four coils of one arm of a 4 - N = 2 coil NRSE), the current through [C.sub.1] will be M times greater than for the single coil.
65 would be a new development for NRSE. The design of the r.f.
A quasi-elastic NRSE spectrometer using permanent magnets to provide the static field (N = 1) is shown in schematically in Fig.