NRSTNational Retail Sales Tax
NRSTNational Riparian Service Team
NRSTNon-Resident Shareholders' Tax (South Africa)
NRSTNatural Resources Science and Technology (alternative high school in Beaverton, OR, USA)
NRSTNon-Resident Specific Tasks
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Similar to B.C.'s foreign buyers tax, the NRST applies to all transfers of residential real estate located in certain geographic areas.
In the Nrst of four episodes he meets a young mum who's never cooked for her children and feeds them kebabs and chips.
In his mind he is ready but I want to see him play Nrst because that first game can catch you out sometimes.
Staff members were supposed to record their time for specific residents (resident-specific time, or RST); time not attributable to specific residents was to be recorded in a residual category, nonresident-specific time (NRST).
Due to lack of agreement among the nine members on the feasibility or desirability of alternatives to the income tax system that were presented to them, they did not recommend a consumed-income tax, a national retail sales tax (NRST), or a value-added tax (VAT).
Susan Thorpe fills a few gaps in Darryl Francis's "AEGINRST Transdeleted": NRST (Strn, populated place in Croatia), GRT (Trg, populated place in Croatia), NRS (Srn Do, a depression in Yugoslavia), NRT (Trn, populated place in Bulgaria), and RST (Babin Srt, a mountain in Macedonia).
Lisa Lewis, soil scientist with the National Riparian Service Team (NRST), is serving as principal investigator (PI) for this project.
Some congressional proposals call for a 15 percent national retail sales tax (NRST), levied on a broad consumption base and government spending.
The net effect of the National Retail Sales Tax Act (NRST) is to eliminate two taxes and replace them with one clearly-defined tax on goods and services at the retail level.