NRTANational Retired Teachers Association
NRTANantucket Regional Transit Authority (Massachusetts)
NRTANational Retail Tenants Association
NRTANatural Resources Transfer Agreement (Canada)
NRTANaval Recruiting and Training Agency (UK MoD)
NRTANorthwest Regional Transmission Association
NRTANational Rural Telecom Association
NRTANational Rat Terrier Association
NRTAnear-real-time accountancy
NRTANational Research and Technology Audit
NRTANorthern Real Time Applications
NRTANorth Rockland Teachers Association
NRTANational Recreation Trails Act
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NRTA has been researching on possible next generation broadcasting for quite some time.
In a high HIV prevalence district in Mozambique, among 5,568 residents who reported a prior HIV diagnosis, including 4,719 on ART, nearly all (>99.0%) tested HIV-positive with the Mozambique NRTA. Both the low observed rate (0.66%) and estimated prevalence (0.08%) of false diagnosis in the first round of surveillance (2014-2015) decreased to nearly zero by the fourth round (2017).
Representing NRTA was HE Gao Jianmin, Deputy Minister of Information at NRTA, as well as a number of senior executives and consultants.
Representing NRTA was Gao Jianmin, Deputy Minister of Information at NRTA, as well as a number of senior executives and consultants.
Hosts from other foreign countries or the SAR regions of Hong Kong and Macau will also be forbidden unless there are special circumstances, and approval is granted from the NRTA, reports Beijing Business Today (????).
The Court concluded that the word "Indians" should be determined by "by looking at the historical context, the ordinary meaning of the language used, and the philosophy or objectives lying behind it." (219) In reaching the conclusion that the term "Indians" used in the NRTA did not include Metis (as the accused was), the Court relied entirely on the historical understanding and situation of the Metis as distinct from status Indians, rather than how that term may be used today.
nidulans is accomplished by two high affinity nitrate transporters NrtA and NrtB, encoded by nrtA (previously designed crnA) and nrtB genes, respectively (Brownlee and Arst, 1983; Unkleset al., 2001).
Caption: Wessie van der Westhuizen (Managing Director of Namibia Breweries Limited) and Andreas Nuule (President of Namibia Retailing Traders Association (NRTA) signing the Memorandum of Understanding agreement whileJames Maswahu (NBL); Jessica Gabriel (NBL); Onesmus Iiyambo (NRTA); Simon Iipinge (NRTA); Michael Ndivaele (NRTA); and Gideon Shilongo (Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies) look on.
The NRTA shifted control of Crown land and natural resources from the federal government to the provincial governments in 1930.
For a more detailed analysis of Riel's goals in this regard see Jim Mochoruk, "Manitoba and the (Long and Winding) Road to the NRTA." Review of Constitutional Studies/Revue d'etudes constitutionnelles, Vol.
Under the NRTA, brought into force in 1930, Canada transferred to Saskatchewan all Crown lands, minerals and other natural resources within the province, subject to a number of conditions, including that Saskatchewan provide unoccupied Crown lands if Canada needs land in order to fulfill its obligations under Treaties.
The Aspergillus nidulans nrtA (formerly crnA) gene (Brownlee and Arst, 1983) encodes a membrane protein that belongs to a family of high affinity nitrate transporters (Forde, 2000; Unkles, et al., 1991, 2001).