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The experiments were performed to examine the impact of fungicides on the activity of nitrate transporter proteins, NrtA and NrtB, of Aspergillus nidulans encoded by nrtA and nrtB genes respectively.
Net nitrate uptake assays: Nitrate uptake assays were conducted for wild type and mutant strains, nrtA1 and nrtB110, possessing nitrate transporter protein/s (NrtA, NrtB).
In present study, 0.25R of Azoxystrobin and Iprobenfosand R of Fosetylaluminium were enough to inhibit the growth, revealing the fact that NrtA and NrtB transporter proteins are very sensitive to Iprobenfosand Azoxystrobin.
100% inhibition of wild type, nrtA1 and nrtB110 at R of Fosetylaluminium exhibited complete inhibition of nitrate uptake by NrtA and NrtB transporter proteins.
2a,b) between a designated nrtB (yA2 pyroA4 nrtB1) and the other five non-nrtA strains (Table 2).
However, the young (8 h) nrtB strains showed a double fold increase in uptake level (i.e.
Results presented in figure 4 indicate that the addition of nitrate to induced cells has restrained the enzyme activity in nrtB strains to approximately 69% after 90 min incubation whereas, that of the wild-type has reached 59% (Fig 4a).
Genetic analysis of mutants with nrt (nitrate transporter) phenotypes and non-parental recombinant progeny generated from pair-wise sexual crosses between nrtA and nrtB strains have shown the below given growth patterns: Firstly, resistance to chlorate but not to bromate (i.e.