NRTKNon-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
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In order to apply reliability analysis to a NRTK system, the starting point is the decomposition of the block diagrams of NRTK processing chain into simple components and computation of the system reliability.
Section 3: NRTK blocks diagram determination and module reliability computations.
Section 4: multistate reliability theory applied to NRTK processing chain.
The tests applied consider the network (NRTK: i-MAX solution) and nearest reference station (NRS) solutions for the RAP network and single reference station (SRS) for the ERGNSS network.
ERGNSS S.R.S and RAP NRTK solutions follow a similar trend.
For the RAP NRTK solution, the mean planimetric precision is around a centimeter, as well as considering the ERGNSS solution.
The NRTK correction information is generally transmitted to the user (mostly the rover) via Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) format, although the proprietary format such as Compact Measurement Record (CMR) or CMR+ is also available [12-14].
Although two NRTK systems were operational by the same institute (NGII), the reference network for the two systems is not the same due to the different licensing policy.
We set up a system to test NRTK performance and stability in three cases.