NRTLNationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
NRTLNon-Random Two Liquid (activity coefficient model)
NRTLNational Right to Life
NRTLNationally Recognized Test Lab (US OSHA)
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Nationally Recognized Certification Laboratories (NRTLs) include UL, VDE, FM, ETL, and others.
at 421-23 (describing the OSHA program of establishing NRTLs).
Chen, "Thermodynamic modeling of the N[H.sub.3]-C[O.sub.2]-[H.sub.2]O system with electrolyte NRTL model," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, vol.
The NRTL model (Non-Random Two-Liquid) is used to calculate activity coefficients of different chemicals and be able to correlate with different physicochemical properties, it is widely used in highly non-ideal systems, equilibriums of liquid-liquid vapor-liquid.
In order for a product to satisfy the relevant safety aspects of regulation in the US, it should be assessed against the appropriate safety specification and these results submitted to a NRTL. If the NRTL finds that the product has satisfied all the safety requirements, the product is marked with the relevant NRTL logo.
(39) Together with other conservative lobbying groups such as National Right to Life (NRTL), (40) these organizations create and promote pro-life model legislation implemented throughout the states.
En terminos estadisticos, dos modelos cineticos aparecen como los mas apropiados para esta reaccion de esterificacion: un modelo simple facil de manejar, que utiliza fracciones molares y un segundo modelo basado en el modelo de actividad NRTL, que es fisicamente mas realista debido a su congruencia con los fenomenos de sorcion de resina.
All members of the technical committees (NRTL and volunteer) in each respective country set out to produce the best series of safety standards possible.
The first was 'General NRTL' and the other was 'Glycol Package'.
* Install carbon monoxide alarms that are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) approved (such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) outside all sleeping rooms.
3.2.The type of fluid package selected was NRTL. This fluid package is quite versatile and it not only accommodates the properties of our system components but also the aqueous and mixed solvent systems.