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To earn extra cash, NRTWC staffers also moonlighted for political candidates who supported the right-to-work cause--a practice supported by the top brass--often spending lunch breaks and evenings helping candidates with their mail programs or fundraising pitches.
The near-religious devotion to the cause, the hard-ass attitude, and the freelancing all melded to create a win-at-all-costs approach that sometimes saw NRTWC, a tax-exempt nonprofit, disregard campaign laws banning outside groups from coordinating with candidates and officeholders.
Internal NRTWC emails depict him as the committee's man on the ground in Montana, where, in addition to Western Tradition Partnership, he ran Montana Citizens for Right to Work, NRTWC funded LeFer's group to the tune of $217,600 in 2010 and $56,500 in 2011, tax records show.
Two thousand miles away, at his home in rural Virginia, a former NRTWC staffer and Ron Paul aide named Dennis Fusaro watched the drama unfolding in Montana with growing alarm.
So, in what Fusaro says was an effort to save his own skin, he went public, eventually releasing to conservative bloggers a trove of emails, memos, and other records showing potentially illegal coordination between the NRTWC and a host of GOP candidates.
Fusaro's documents also laid bare how NRTWC may have overstepped the rules banning outside groups from coordinating with political candidates.
Not only did Fusaro's documents show evidence of coordination, but on their 2010 tax forms NRTWC and a Midwestern affiliate told the IRS they didn't plan to get involved in any political work that year.