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NRUNauru (ISO Country code)
NRUNational Research Universal (a 200 MWt reactor at AECL's Chalk River Laboratories)
NRUNero Udf
NRUNot Recently Used
NRUNeighbourhood Renewal Unit (UK)
NRUNeutral Red Uptake
NRUNederlandse Radio Unie
NRUNortheast Rugby Union
NRUNatural Rate of Unemployment (economics)
NRUNeurobiology Research Unit
NRUNordic ReUnion (gaming group)
NRUNitrogen Rejection Unit
NRUNutritional Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNutrition Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNewly Registered User (online forums)
NRUNorthwest Requirements Utilities
NRUNouveau Riche University (real estate)
NRUNegative Reinforcement University
NRUNiagara Rugby Union
NRUNursing Research Unit
NRUNatural Resources Union (Canada)
NRUNovae Res Urbis
NRUNuclear Radiation Unit
NRUNeuro-Rehabilitation Unit
NRUNetwork Repeater Unit
NRUNet Results Unlimited (Columbus, Ohio)
NRUNutrient Response Units (land management)
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Participants were required to attend regular appointments at the NRU for electroencephalograms (EEGs), blood samples, electrocardiograms (ECGs), cognitive and physical assessments.
After 24h, the extract-containing medium was removed, and 100 [micro]L of MTT (0.5mg/mL) or NR (50 [micro]g/mL) solution in FBS-free medium was added for the MTT and NRU assays, respectively.
This work was supported by National Research University Project (NRU) of Thailand's Office of the Higher Education Commission.
RTA6080013 and the SIIT-JAIST-NECTEC Doctoral Dual Degree Program and National Research University project (NRU) and Intelligent Informatics and Service Innovation (IISI, SIIT), Center of Excellence in Intelligent Informatics, Speech and Language Technology and Service Innovation (CiLS), Thammasat University, Thailand.
This analytic study was carried out on retrospective data collected from 78 children with SAM in the National rehabilitation unit (NRU) at National Institute of Child Health (NICH) Karachi from October 2014 - March 2015.
Home of the ZEEP (1945), NRX (1947) and NRU (1957) reactors, and various plutonium reprocessing facilities, over a hundred CNL buildings now await decommissioning.
The NRU is also responsible for more intelligent features, including that in its dual-lens camera - once again powered by Leica - which recognises scenes and images better, and in its 4000mAh battery - Wang says it can last up to two days - which has smart power management and saving capabilities.
Asia KOR 0.40 (64) 10 Honduras America HND 0.40 (65) Senegal Africa SEN 0.39 (66) Japan Asia JPN 0.39 (67) 11 Slovak Republic Europa SVK 0.38 (68) Djibouti Africa DJI 0.36 (69) Belgium Europa BEL 0.36 (70) Morocco Africa MAR 0.35 (71) Algeria Africa DZA 0.35 (72) Ireland Europa IRL 0.35 (73) Lesotho Africa LSO 0.35 (74) Barbados America BRB 0.34 (75) Ethiopia Africa ETH 0.34 (76) Burundi Africa BDI 0.34 (77) Sao Tome and Principe Africa STP 0.33 (78) Virgin Islands (US) America VIR 0.32 (79) Comoros Africa COM 0.32 (80) Venezuela, RB America VEN 0.32 (81) Nauru Oceania NRU 0.32 (82) Cayman Islands America CYM 0.32 (83) Central African Republic Africa CAF 0.32 (84) Guinea-Bissau Africa GNB 0.32 (85) Tuvalu Oceania TUV 0.31 (86) American Samoa Oceania ASM 0.31 (87) St.
Other specialties include cryogenic Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) with and without Helium recovery, Hydrocarbon dew point suppression units, condensate stabilization units and product storage.
The authors acknowledge financial support from the National Research University (NRU) grant, provided from the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and the Center of Excellence in Materials and Plasma Technology (M@P Tech), Thammasat University.
The metabolic activity was determined by neutral red uptake (NRU): 20 [micro]L/mL of 0.33% neutral red solution (Santa Cruz, USA) was added and incubated for an additional 4 h.