NRUSNonlinear Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
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Nurse Johnson is paid by NrUs, and the most that the DCA should have done was to tell Nurse Johnson that she should inform the COR that her employer, NrUs, was not paying its employees in a timely manner.
The second fundamental is that government contracts are legal instruments between the government authorized buyer (the contracting officer) and the seller, NrUs. It is important that MEDCOM leaders clearly understand that there are 2 parties to a contract for sale of healthcare services.
Compounding the problem is the fact that often both the buyer's employees (active duty military or GS nurses) are performing the same healthcare functions as the seller's employees, in this case, Nurse Johnson and her fellow NrUs employees.
Hopefully the answer is painfully apparent to anyone who understands that Nurse Johnson is an employee of a recipient seller company, NrUs, which had been awarded a federal (FAR) contract for healthcare services.
Once the contracting officer picked the winner (NrUs in this case) the contracting officer signed the contract award, and the result is a legally binding FAR contract.
Equating equation (2) and (the negative of) equation (1) the NRU is given as:
As Westaway (1997) notes, the NRU so derived will depend only on supply factors if the demand factors cancel out exactly (i.e.
Is the rise in actual unemployment predominantly due to an increase in the NRU, perhaps assisted by hysteretic features in the adjustment of actual unemployment to demand-side shocks?
Why would such a distributional shock matter for the NRU? Accepting that there is a skill-biased technology shock of this kind, it might seem that there will be an impact on the distribution of earnings, with higher earnings for skilled workers and a relative, if not absolute, fall in earnings for unskilled workers.