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NRVNew River Valley (North Carolina and Virginia)
NRVNero Video
NRVNet Realizable Value
NRVNon Return Valve
NRVNorddeutscher Regatta Verein (North German Regatta Association)
NRVNutrient Reference Values (Australia)
NRVNet Reserve Value (accounting)
NRVNatural Range of Variability (forest management)
NRVNo Redeeming Value
NRVNeue Richtervereinigung eV (German: New Judge Combination)
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The house WRV is structurally similar to the house NRV, but with a ridge vent assisting in air renovation and in ventilation of inner environment (Figure 1).
If, at the end of the period of adoption, the NRV determined for any inventory line item is higher than the pre-adoption market value (most likely replacement cost), no adjustment should be recorded for that item, and if there are no other items subject to adjustment, there is no effect of the accounting change.
Furthermore, the fuel wood consumption would be higher for curing this woody midrib of NRV and the cost of production will be increased.
The second column shows the NRV of the selected chemicals.
[13,14] Optimal color mixing was predicted if an SM nonreturn valve (NRV) was used after an ET screw.[13] This combination was expected to result in high mixing because the increased melting capacity of the ET screw would provide a relatively well-mixed material to the SM NRV.
The DIV is also sometimes referred to as net realizable value or NRV.
The bottom of those flutes (not present on the new NRV) held a large amount of degraded plastic that was being transferred to the parts.