NRWCNational Right to Work Committee (Springfield, VA; est. 1955)
NRWCNorthern Rivers Writers' Centre
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Establishment of a contractual arrangement between NRWC and the participating cities;
0 million in two tranches under a sovereign guarantee to NRWC and KMK on a joint and several basis.
Taking the rest of Citizens United seriously, the NRWC dicta appeared to be in serious danger.
It stated that NRWC has "little relevance here" because the case "involved contribution limits, which unlike limits on independent expenditures have been an accepted means to prevent quid pro quo corruption.
In a single paragraph, the joint majority opinion resolved the issue: it simply cited to Austin, Beaumont, Colorado II, and NRWC on the special need to regulate corporations and the need to prevent circumvention of valid contribution limits, and left it at that.
The Court's citation to NRWC in support of the barometer equality rationale is curious, given that NRWC did not endorse that rationale.