NRWSNorthern Rough-Winged Swallow (bird species Stelgidopteryx serripennis)
NRWSNew Relationship with Schools (UK)
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But Serrano said such efforts by labor unions to extend the coverage of their CBAs to NRWs remain limited.
This article aims to discover the support services available to NRWs in the resources industry and the medical profession.
The NRWS will be capable of observing targets under various maritime conditions, including day or night, rain, snow, smoke, dust/sand, haze, fog and sea/air temperature conditions that affect visibility, industry officials have been told.
(BULLETIN BOARD: NRWS) , the TV on the Internet company, is a leading global provider of broadband television services.
SSC Charleston initially had to architect the equipment, modify and develop software, and test and evaluate the NRWS to field it in such a short time frame," says Winter.
Hence, there are several recommendations from the inquiry calling for research to be funded in the following areas: assistance to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to ensure data collections on FIFO and DIDO workers; research to examine the effect on children and family relationships of FIFO work practices; the economic and social impact of establishing FIFO source communities, and the impact of NRWs in regional towns on the provision of medical services.
FYDDEN i ddim fel arfer yn cwyno am fod 'na weyl gwrw'n cael ei chynnal ar stepen fy nrws, ond dwi'n ofni bod "gweyl gwrw fwya'r byd" yn nhafarn yr Hen Orsaf wedi gwneud tua'r un faint o argraff arna i ag y gwnaeth Cn i Gymru ar fy chwaeth mewn cerddoriaeth.
Gadawodd fy mab un o'i degannau yn 'Afallon.' .' Mae Rocet Arwel Jones yn deud mai un o'r pethau doniolaf a welodd oedd Mered yn sefyll yn nrws y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol efo Tellytubby piws,yn ei law.
The remote locations of resource-extraction sites prevent workers from returning to their place of residence at the end of a shift; thus, FIFO commuters typically spend extended periods on a cyclic rostered basis as non-resident workers (NRWs) in a resource community (Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia 2005, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Australia (HRSCRA) 2013).