NSABBNational Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (Bethesda, MD)
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The National Academies held several symposia, the NSABB produced a range of reports, and the government issued two policies on the oversight of DURC.
In addition, the recent H5N1 research highlighted concerns from NSABB into issuing requirements for the review of Dual Use Research of Concern.
On the heels of the NSABB decision, 39 influenza researchers including Fouchier and Kawaoka voluntarily agreed to a 60-day moratorium on H5N1 research, (7) which was later informally extended.
Concerned journal editors and peer reviewers sought advice from the NSABB, a federally chartered committee of 25 outside experts that advises the government on possible public health threats posed by biological research.
Fouchier said his revised version made clear that the mutant virus is "much less lethal" than the NSABB had previously believed.
But following a meeting last week the NSABB withdrew its objections and recommended that revised copies of the papers, which include the same data as before but explain their results more clearly, should be published, according to the Telegraph.
Even before the first meeting of the NSABB, the system was put to test.
The NSABB is composed of experts in biological sciences, law, security, and other areas and federal officials representing agencies that fund life sciences research.
The article also touches, if briefly, on the current oversight issues in biosecurity, mentioning self-governance models of the National Scientific Advisory Board on Biosecurity (NSABB) that emerged from recommendations in the 2003 National Academies' report Biotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism.
National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), which wanted the work censored before it was published in scientific journals.
National Academy of Sciences, and the establishment in the United States of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB).