NSACSNagaland State AIDS Control Society (India)
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Compared with NSAC subjects, LTAA subjects showed (1) decreased synchrony of limbic reward regions (e.g., caudate and thalamus) with both bilateral NAcc and sgACC seeds (figure 1) and (2) increased synchrony of bilateral NAcc seeds with left DLPFC (suggesting greater inhibitory control) and between the sgACC seed and right DLPFC (consistent with greater emotion regulation) (figure 2).
2013a), they examined network synchrony in 27 STAA subjects, and compared them with the 23 LTAA and 23 NSAC subjects from the previous study.
In a pilot study, she tested five LTAA and two NSAC subjects who had demonstrated resting-state fMRI synchrony differences from each other.
Preliminary data show that resting EEG coherency carries information that differs between LTAA and NSAC subjects, and that correlates with resting-state fMRI executive control network synchrony.
However, his admonishing tone for the NSAC has not wavered.