NSAGNorth Shore Academy of Gymnastics (Cedarburg, WI)
NSAGNon-State Armed Group (security threat)
NSAGNational Security Affairs Group
NSAGNATO Shipping Advisory Group
NSAGNational Services Advisory Group (National Health Service; UK)
NSAGNorth Sea Action Group (UK)
NSAGNorth Shore Artists' Guild (Canada)
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Zwijnenburg notes that the Syrian conflict proved to be an experimental lab for NSAGs to test the opportunities for commercial drones in military operations.
More specifically, it could be argued that the de jure government should still be able to prosecute and punish those leaders that effectively control the NSAG, for example, those who have planned, prepared, and initiated the armed conflict.
* The NSAG ought to make a formal declaration (161) to the ICRC confirming that it will comply with the LOAC; that it will include it in the internal codes of conduct or instructions; and that it will disseminate and enforce said rules vis-a-vis its members.
Many jurists currently hold the view that the traditional distinction between "a regular army" and a NSAG with respect to various applications of jus ad bellum and jus in bello should be reconsidered.
The implications are that banning some means of warfare by resting on the formal definition of a national opponent's formal status (independent state or NSAG) is completely obsolete.
NSAGs operating in territory under their full control.
other NSAGs used their homes for military purposes--weapons storage,
Another project to benefit from the NSAGS was an Easter revision school hosted by Bangor University, y which attracted 300 young people who gathered for practical workshops and team challenges aimed at raising attainment in science.
"The NSAGS is an ideal vehicle through which Stem interest-groups and activityproviders can put forward their ideas for creative projects that add real value to the Stem sector in Wales." a