NSAHNational Society of Allied Health
NSAHNeck Shoulders Arms and Hands
NSAHNorth San Antonio Hills (Texas)
NSAHNew St. Andrews House (UK)
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The SAH group consisted of 43(46.24%) patients; 25(58.1%) females and 18(41.9%) males with a mean age of 47.12+-11 years, while the NSAH group had 50(53.76%) patients; 24(48%) females and 26(52%) males with a mean age of 43.68+-19 years.
The findings showed that 7(19.4%) patients in the SAH group developed transient neurological deficits after the procedure compared to 2(4%) in the NSAH group (p=0.073).
Moreover, 4(4.3%) patients developed non-neurological complications - 3(6.98%) in the SAH group and 1(2%) in the NSAH group.
Step: 5 Priorities of attributes obtain after solving MGLP with unknown weights using NSAH are [w.sub.1] = 0.2291, [w.sub.2] = 0.2126, [w.sub.3] = 0.1996, [w.sub.4] = 0.3587
Partially known or completely unknown priorities of MCGDM problem is solved by establishing MGLP based on symmetric discrimination measure from each alternative to PIS and NIS then solved using NSAH algorithm.
Greene, PT, AAPT Non University MS, NCS, PhD (c) Affiliated Participant Reginald Mays, CP IAAPOC Non University Affiliated Participant Gene Gary-Williams, PT, NSAH Non University PhD Affiliated Participant Lynda D.
Students have expressed great interest in the objectives of the American Academy of Physical Therapy (AAPT, 2009) and the National Society of Allied Health (NSAH, 2009) because of their concentrated efforts to encourage minorities to pursue careers in allied health.
She is a past President of the National Society of Allied Health (NSAH); the Editor of the National Society of Allied Health (NSAH) Journal, and a fellow of the Regents Academic Leadership Institute (RALI) with the Tennessee Board of Regents.
ABEL was a slow-speed analog of NSAhs ATLAS I, the first parallel electronic computer in the United States with a drum memory and a forerunner of the ERA 1101 [24].