NSAPNetwork Service Access Point
NSAPNational Strategy and Action Plan (various nations)
NSAPNovell Server Advertisement Protocol
NSAPNon-Specific Abdominal Pain
NSAPNeck, Shoulder and Arm Pain
NSAPNational Social Assistance Programme (India)
NSAPNetwork Security and Privacy
NSAPNorman SandBox Analyzer Pro (software)
NSAPNational Skills Academy for Power (UK)
NSAPNetwork Service Access Protocol
NSAPNavy Science Assistance Program
NSAPNaval Support Activity Philadelphia
NSAPNational Scientific Advisory Program
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Para llegar al diagnostico de NSAP se debe realizar un completo y buen examen fisico del paciente y se puede complementar con observacion pruebas de laboratorio de rutina, estudios imaginologicos y laparoscopia temprana.
Our calculations using the NSAP reveal that foster care adoptions make up little more than a third of all adoptions.
In addition, laparoscopy and regular abdominopelvic ultrasonography would have improved the diagnostic yield, especially of gynaecological pathology, and probably reduced the prevalence of NSAP.
Another scheme under NSAP is National Maternity Benefit Scheme or NMBS.
The Office of Naval Research sponsors NSAP for the Department of the Navy.
These are the global provider-based unicast address, the geographic-based unicast address, the NSAP address, the IPX hierarchical address, the site-local-use address, the link-local-use address, and the IPv4-capable host address.
Thus a total amount of Rs 1,190 crore was provided for NSAP and Annapurna in the revised Annual Plan 2004-2005.
The Department of Social Welfare, Nagaland has played a key role in bringing the NSAP to a large scale at present by evaluating the eligible vulnerable groups below poverty line under Kohima district.
The Central Government spends nearly 8,000 crore rupees under the NSAP scheme, but the devolvement of funds is being done in a complicated process in a layered manner, which he said will be rectified and only one state agency will be identified for receipt of funds for final disbursement to pass book holders through Aadhar-based system," he said.
Explaining Pakistans Nuclear Security Action Plan (NSAP), Project Director NSAP-PNRA, Muhammad Khaliq, identified NSAP initiated in 2006, has set up a system for managing, locating orphan sources and guarding the boarders against any illegal entry/exit of the radioactive material or source.
It displays traffic flow by service class (ABR & UBR and CBR & VBR) for each of the port groups and shows usage by ATM NSAP address.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Identity Cards for NSAP & MOAP.