NSATNetwork Security Analysis Tool (software)
NSATNet Satisfaction (customer satisfaction rating)
NSATNational Secondary Assessment Test (Philippines)
NSATNet Surplus after Tax (accounting terminology)
NSATNear-Surface Air Temperature (climate science)
NSATNational Scholastic Aptitude Test
NSATNuclear and Space Arms Talks
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The combination of low-shear effective Aquaflow XLS 530 NSAT with Aquaflow NHS-350 NSAT in a pure acrylic system delivered high efficiency, improved sag resistance and dramatically improved applied hiding.
Aquaflow XLS-525 and XLS-530 thickeners provides a unique balance of leveling and sag-resistance and are also recommended to be used in combination with a high-shear effective NSAT.
Europe in particular, has recently seen a dramatic increase in demand for Aquaflow NSATs, the company said.
Advances in NSAT Molecular Architecture for Next Generation Waterborne Coatings--Tara Lyn Everett and Paul Gillette, Aqualon/Hercules Incorporated
He or she must be enrolled or intend to enroll in a priority course to be determined by CHED and TESDA; must have passed the National Secondary Achievement Test or NSAT with at least 75% and, if previously enrolled in any post-secondary course, must have a weighted average of 2.