NSATSNational Student Administration and Teaching Support (New Zealand)
NSATSNMC Selected Acquisition Tracking System
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Ashland has demonstrated preferred combinations of low-shear effective and high-shear effective solvent-free Aquaflow NSATs for superior performance in interior/exterior low-VOC high-gloss paints based on styrene acrylics, pure acrylics, PVAs, VAEs and alkyd emulsions.
These NSATs are highly efficient in many formulations, allowing manufacturers to minimize the quantity of thickener required to achieve their desired rheology profile.
The combination of low-shear effective Aquaflow NLS-220 NSAT with mid-shear effective Aquaflow NMS-450 NSAT provided excellent flow leveling and hiding properties in a high gloss, PVC 20 alkyd emulsion.
The combination of low-shear effective Aquaflow XLS 530 NSAT with Aquaflow NHS-350 NSAT in a pure acrylic system delivered high efficiency, improved sag resistance and dramatically improved applied hiding.
Aquaflow [TM] XLS-530, Aquaflow NMS-450, and Aquaflow NHS-350 are solvent - and APEO-free, nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) for low VOC waterborne systems.
The new manufacturing facility is scheduled for completion and start-up in late spring of 2012 and will increase global capacity of Aquaflow non-ionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs).
Ashland to start construction of Aquaflow NSAT plant
Near surface air temperature (NSAT) data recorded at long-term meteorological stations (Cappelen 2013; http://www.dmi.dk/fileadmin/Rapporter/TR /trl3-04.pdf) indicate that the outstanding surface temperature feature in 2013 was a consistent warm anomaly along the west Greenland coast during March (see Fig.