NSAWCNaval Strike Air Warfare Center
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To make the training as real as possible NSAWC gives the opposing team different uniforms.
Many of the adversary aircraft are piloted by Reservists, Top Gun instructors and other staff of NSAWC who have been through the same training in the past.
In fact, the opposition aircraft are just a tiny part of what is taught at NSAWC.
The NSAWC trains JTACs as part of its Terminal Controller Course, based on JP 3-09.
Scott Guimond, TOPGUN's one-versus-one air combat expert and the NSAWC Operational Risk Management department head, commented, "When TOPGUN was founded, the F-8 [Crusader] pilots helped the F-4 [Phantom II] fliers.
Rick Burgess, Steve Djunaedi, John Hildebrandt, Rob Simone and Matt Thrasher; OSC Brian Bassett; and all of the NSAWC personnel who contributed.
After talking with the Wing and NSAWC folks running the SWTI class, I learned that the guns were needed no later than close of business on Tuesday.
We work very closely with the TOPGUN program at NSAWC, and this keeps us in step with the latest tactics and enhances our credibility.
Facing page, top to bottom, a Florida Air National Guard F-15A Eagle, NSAWC F/A-18A BA Hornet and JG-73 MiG-29 fly in echelon formation, representing three of the primary aircraft participating in Exercise Agile Archer.
The author, flying an NSAWC F/A-18A Hornet, dumps fuel during the exercise.
NSAWC provides training, assessment, aviation requirements recommendations, research and development priorities for integrated strike warfare, maritime and overland air superiority strike fighter employment, airborne battle management, combat search and rescue, close air support, and associated planning support systems.
To accomplish its mission, NSAWC comprises more than 119 officers and 174 enlisted, 62 civil service and 500 contract personnel.