NSCFNational Student Commonwealth Forum (Canada)
NSCFNational Ski Council Federation
NSCFNational Scholarly Communications Forum (Australia)
NSCFNorthern State Correctional Facility (Newport, VT)
NSCFNational Security Caucus Foundation (Washington, DC)
NSCFNaval Small Craft Facilities (US Navy)
NSCFNewtownabbey Senior Citizens Forum (UK)
NSCFNon-Serum-Dependent Chemotactic Factor (microbiology)
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The discount retailers sell gasoline at prices around 2 percent lower than typical gas stations as they receive the fuel directly from KNOC and the NSCF.
With these advantages, NSCF is suitable for extracting geometric features of images.
All analyses were performed using STATA 11 and use balanced repeated replication weights to control for the complex survey methodology of the NSCF. Results are presented as marginal effects for ease of interpretation.
and China through Pakistan (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), 3; Memorandum of Conversation, Nixon and Ceausescu, August 3, 1969, folder: MemCons--The President and President Ceausescu, August 2, 1969, box 1023, Presidential/HAK MemCons, NSCF, NPMP.
My initiation into the Commonwealth came about through a request to high schools by the National Student Commonwealth Forum (NSCF) to submit applicants to attend their yearly Forum.
Board members include CAPT Tom Billings, SC, USN (Ret) (Retired chair), President; and members CDR Kristen Acquavella, active duty chair; CDR Chuck Parker, Reserve chair; SKCM (SW/AW) Kristina Lasher, Senior enlisted advisor; Mimi Prendergast, Spouse's Club chair, and CDR Jack Evans (Ret), Recorder and NSCF Chief Staff Officer.
The Navy Supply Corps Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF) Scholarships for the 2006-2007 academic year.
At the annual Greater Chicago Area Supply Corps Association auction for benefit of the NSCF scholarship fund, CAPT Langer was an active bidder, often bidding against himself when he felt an item, especially chocolate, was about to be sold at a lower value than he deemed adequate.
The recorder was retired CDR Jack Evans, SC, USN, NSCF Executive Director.
The recorders were NSCF Executive Director CDR Jack Evans, SC, USN (Ret.), and LTJG Will Chamlee, SC, USNR.