NSDMNational Security Decision Memorandum
NSDMNational Security Decision Making (US Naval War College course; game)
NSDMNorth Star Diamonds, Inc
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According to the distribution of the star *, one can see that the NSDM method performs better than the LPRP, MPRP, and SSD methods with 14 test problems, worse than the MPRP method with 1 test problem and worse than the LPRP method with 6 test problems.
From Figures 1-4, we can obviously see that the NSDM method performs better than the MPRP method and SSD method.
Defense Planning," NSDM Faculty Paper, May 15, 2008, 23.
(20.) NSDM 13: Policy Toward Japan, May 28, 1969, Box 1, NSDM Files, RG 273 (NARA).
(25.) NSDM 251: Termination of the UN Command in Korea, March 29, 1974, Box 3, NSDM Files, RG 273, emphasis added (NARA).
For the intermediate level course, those entering in August start in NSDM, those who enter in November start in S&W and lastly, the February students start in JMO.
Similarly, the Nixon (NSDM 1 and 2, January 20, 1969 and NSDM 5, February 3, 1969), Carter (PD 1 and 2, January 20, 1977 and PD 3, February 11, 1977), Clinton (PDD 1 and 2, January 20, 1993), and Ford (NSDM 245, August 9, 1974) administrations moved to issue their organizational NSDs early on.
Johnson's NSAM 341 (March 2, 1966) and Nixon's NSDM 3 (January 20, 1969) on coordinating interdepartmental activities overseas or John Kennedy's NSAM 213 (January 8, 1963) on interdepartmental coordination for Cuban affairs are examples of NSDs being used to cover such challenges.
Joan Johnson-Freese, chair of NSDM, has produced an outstanding study, Space as a Strategic Asset, about this critical operating domain for our armed forces.
The second procedural instruments alongside the NSSMs were National Security Decision Memorandums (NSDM), which informed the various departments and agencies of presidential decisions which may or may not have resulted from NSC meetings.
The award committee selected the NSDM web-enhanced course on the basis of innovative and creative use of the medium, instructional value and relevance, instructional strategy, quality of production, evidence of successful utilization and implementation, and evidence of achievement of goals and objectives.