NSEDCNorton Sound Economic Development Corporation (Anchorage, AK)
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Partnering with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, NSEDC is positioned to have these wind turbines tested in Nome and Unalakleet to determine if they will produce enough heat to justify the investment.
To avoid being held hostage by volatile and unpredictable fuel prices, NSEDC also started its consolidated bulk-fuel program four years ago, a model that could also work for the Aleut region.
As NSEDC continues to invest in these assistance efforts, its member communities are also looking at several different options for renewable energy, including making upgrades to existing diesel generator plants to make them more efficient, and using waste heat that comes off of generators to warm surrounding buildings.
One of the most significant features of this and the other NSEDC energy-related programs, Ivanoff says, is the potential for each community to make a difference by providing benefits to residents.
Forming a bulk-fuel cooperative, an idea borrowed from NSEDC, would lower prices and streamline logistics and deliveries so they are more reliable.
The restoration of the sockeye run has been so successful that NSEDC is faced with a new dilemma: a surplus of fish to meet subsistence needs and possibly more than the ecosystem can support.
In 2007, NSEDC established a Port Clarence buying station as part of its commitment to developing the run as a viable economic resource for both subsistence and commercial users.
NSEDC recognizes residents' subsistence needs and the potential benefits from expanding opportunities for commercial fishing.
NSEDC, recognizing an opportunity to tap into the healthy resource, is pioneering efforts to make the Sound's pink and silver salmon runs profitable with a unique harvesting approach.
"By going with boneless, skinless fillets, value-added processing and by opening up markets which, in the long run, (NSEDC) will benefit the region as a whole," says Donna Parker of the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development.
NSEDC has been joined in its efforts by Seattle-based Glacier Fish.
"The catcher/processor will take up the slack caused by the varying cycles in salmon runs," says NSEDC's Jemewouk.