NSERLNational Soil Erosion Research Laboratory (Purdue University, Indiana)
NSERLNatural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (University of Texas at Dallas)
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Several years ago, ARS scientists at the NSERL worked with world-renowned soil scientist Isaac Shainberg, who is now director of the Volcani Institute in Israel.
At the NSERL, Norton and Shainberg, working with three ARS colleagues - soil microbiologist Diane E.
Flanagan DC, Nearing MA (1995) 'USDA-Water erosion prediction project: Hillslope profile and watershed model documentation.' NSERL Report No.
One set of field research studies at the NSERL consisted of spraying 18 lb.
Field studies at the NSERL in 1997 and 1998 examined using PAM on regions such as steep embankments during grass establishment.
NSERL (1995) USDA--Water erosion prediction project (WEPP) technical documentation.
Some of the earliest work with polyacrylamide by the NSERL was conducted in the summer of 1991 on a Russell silt loam soil in an agricultural field located about 10 km (6 mi) west of West Lafayette, Indiana.
Flow hydraulic shear is calculated as per the WEPP Technical Documentation (NSERL 1995).
The range of interill erodibility values recorded during this study is similar to the range of values reported in the WEPP Compendium (NSERL 1989) (0.87 x [10.sup.6] kg.s/[m.sup.4] for a Bonifay soil to 4.32 x [10.sup.6] kg.s/[m.sup.4] for a Palouse soil), although does not approach the lower range of expected rangeland values (0.01 x [10.sup.6] kg.s/[m.sup.4]) reported in the WEPP User Summary (NSERL 1994).
Flanagan, USDA-ARS NSERL, 1196 Building SOIL, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1196, Phone: 765-494-7748, Fax: 765-494-5948, Email: flanagan@purdue.edu
Department of Agriculture - Water Erosion Prediction Project Hillslope Profile and Watershed Model Documentation NSERL Report No.