NSGCNational Society of Genetic Counselors
NSGCNova Scotia Geomatics Centre (Canada)
NSGCNaval Security Group Command (US Navy)
NSGCNational Space Grant Consortia
NSGCNational Student Genderblind Campaign
NSGCNorth Staffordshire Guild of Craftsmen (UK)
NSGCNational Service for Geodesy and Cartography (Lithuania)
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Therefore, patients with endometrial cancer diagnosed less than 50 years of age were evaluated for Lynch syndrome in our study and the ACMG and NSGC guideline were considered.
Abstracts have also been presented at the annual meetings of NSGC and NCHPEG and articles describing the progress of the TRIG Working Group have been published.
"This suggests that breeders can screen the NSGC accessions in all color classes for a high vitamin E and oryzanol content," says Chen.
NSGC conducts strategic-level exercises in which scenarios concerning broad national or homeland security crises are described to participants, including executive branch officials, senior combatant command staffs, NDU, and Members of Congress--all of whom are asked to determine the best decision for that situation.
The US National Society of Genetic Counsellors (NSGC) report estimated the average risk as 1.7 - 2 per cent higher than the background population risk of congenital defects and 4.4 per cent higher than general risk for dying in childhood.
(109) Despite the 2004 reduction in the number of judges necessary for gacaca, low judicial participation has led the Executive Secretary of the National Service of Gacaca Jurisdictions (NSGC), Domitille Mukantanganzwa, to propose a law in parliament to further reduce the number of judges required by almost half.
The National Society for Genetic Counselors (NSGC) can provide a list of genetic counselors in your area, as well as information about creating a family history.
The B[C.sub.6][F.sub.3] seeds of the homozygous lines were deposited at the National Small Grains Collection (NSGC) as Yecora Rojo Yr36-Gpc-B1 and UC1113 Yr36-Gpc-B1.
The USDA-ARS National Soybean Germplasm Collection (NSGC), Urbana, IL, recently received soybean genetic material, or germplasm, with higher monounsaturated fat concentrations than any other previously included in the collection.
Department of Agriculture Rice Core Collection, part of the National Small Grains Collection (NSGC) and the ARS-coordinated National Plant Germplasm System, a cooperative effort by public and private organizations to protect crops' genetic diversity.