NSHAPCNational Survey of Homeless Assistance Providers and Clients
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The 1996 NSHAPC (Aron & Sharkey, 2002) identified the following reasons people gave for homelessness: insufficient income (30%), lack of employment (24%), lack of suitable housing (11%), and addiction to alcohol or drugs (9%).
However, findings related to race/ethnicity indicated a higher percentage of African Americans (47.9%) and a lower percentage of Hispanics/Latinos (4.2%), when compared with the 1996 NSHAPC (40% and 10%, respectively; Aron & Sharkey, 2002) of the single adult homeless population.
Our findings were considerably higher than NCH's (2005a) finding that 22% experienced severe and persistent mental illness and were slightly higher than the 1996 NSHAPC's finding that 39% experienced mental health problems within the last month (Aron & Sharkey, 2002).