NSIBNapa Special Investigations Bureau (Napa, CA)
NSIBNumber State of Interacting Bosons (physics)
NSIBNational Savings Income Bonds (UK)
NSIBNew, Sealed in Box
NSIBNorthern Star International Broadcasters (radio and TV broadcasters union; Norway)
NSIBNorth South Implementation Bodies Guidance (Department of Finance and Personnel; Accountability and Accountancy Services Division; UK)
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(17) Direct all patients with a history of recent suicidality or nonsuicidal self-injurious behavior (NSIB) to remove lethal means and means of self-harm from their homes and possession (Table 2).
For example, those unwilling to relinquish lethal means may not be fully committed to giving up suicide or NSIB as an option.
Although patients can acquire new lethal means, removing immediate access lowers the possibility of an impulsive suicide attempt or NSIB and may give the patient time to reconsider.
In every session, assess suicidal ideation, plans, intent, and urges to engage in NSIB. Consider using:
Throughout treatment, make suicidality or NSIB the priority in sessions whenever it occurs.
Because suicide attempts and NSIB in BPD often occur as maladaptive means of coping with distress, teach your patient alternatives such as distraction and self-soothing techniques, relaxation, positive self-statements, problem-solving skills, and how to use social support.
A combined analysis of the LFS and NSIB statistics (21) has shown that the number of persons receiving sickness benefits and similar payments according to the NSIB, but not absent according to the LFS, rose between 1998 and 2002.
Progress toward the target is measured by the number of sick-listing days according to the NSIB statistics on net sickness-benefit days (23) compensated by the national health insurance system, sick-pay days and waiting-period days.
The year 2002 is the most recent for which statistical data for the sickness-benefit period have been published by the NSIB. Table 18 Net Contribution to Labour Supply Level in thousands of persons and annual percentage change or contribution in percentage points 2003 2003 2004 2005 2006 Labour force 4 450 0.7 0.3 0.0 0.4 of which net contribution from: Population aged 16-64 5 701 0.8 0.8 0.9 1.0 Sick persons (1) 398 -0.5 -0.4 -0.3 -0.2 Persons with negotiated pension (2) 74 0.1 0.1 0.0 0.0 Training programmes (3) 70 0.5 -0.2 -0.1 0.0 Regular education 438 -0.3 0.0 -0.5 -0.4 Other (4) 272 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 (1) The category of sick persons outside the labour force includes individuals receiving disability pensions for health-related reasons.
(20) The NSIB (RFV) will be renamed the Office of Social Insurance (Forsakringskassan) effective 1 Januari 2005.
The production capacity of these two mines is expected to reach about 5 million tonnes per year of commercial phosphate by 2025, Nsib said.