NSKENeem Seed Kernel Extract
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Axiomatically, treatment 7 (Carbaryl + NSKE + YST) was the most appropriate for red pumpkin beetle management.
amaramanjarae were conducted at Rahim Yar Khan in randomized complete block design (RCBD) Water solution of neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) was prepared by grinding and mixing it (@10 g/100 ml) in distilled water for 3-4 h in a beaker.
The neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) (2% concentration in methanol) was taken as a standard to compare the treatments.
Maximum aphid mortality was observed in plants treated with imidacloprid and NSO-n-hexane followed by NSO- ethanol, NSO-expeller and NSKE treated plants (Table 2).
From these results, it was concluded that the application of NSKE in conjunction with other treatments, had more effect, on the pest population as compared to NSKE applied, alone.
Similarly integrated control strategy was evaluated against brinjal shoot and fruit borer under coastal agroclimatic conditions of Bhubaneswar, Orissa, with eight treatments comprising 6 releases of Trichogramma chilonis at 50,000 adults at 15 days interval starting from 30 days after transplanting (DAT) (T1); T1+Multineem at 3 ml/l at 10 days interval from 30 DAT (T2); Multineem at 3 ml/l alone, 6 sprays starting from 30 DAT (T3); neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) at 4% (spray once) in 10 days starting from 30 DAT (T4); 5 sprays of cypermethrin at 30 g/ha, starting from 30 DAT (T5); hand clipping+2-m Nylon net barrier (T6); soil application of neem cake at 50 g/plant at planting and repeated 2 more times at 30 days interval; and a control (T8).
On coried bugs, the NSKE showed some insecticidal property against the bugs and the results indicated that at 7 days' spray, the insect population can be reduced.
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Huawei), a provider of next generation telecomms network solutions, has revealed that its Network Services for Key Event (NSKE) were used to sustain peak telecomms traffic successfully for Saudi Telecom Company (STC), a mobile operator in the Middle East Region and Africa, during the Hajj, an annual religious pilgrimage to the city of Mecca.
They found that the IPM module consisting of seed treatment with imidacloprid (5g kg-1) + two sprays of NSKE 5% + two sprays of HaNPV at 250LE/ha provided significant reduction in population of all sucking pests and resulted in highest grain yield.