NSKSNature of Scientific Knowledge Scale (high school testing)
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Agro clean @ 3% and NSKS @ 5% were the next effective treatments against A.
Agro clean @ 3% and NSKS @ 5% were found equally effective in reducing thrips population in cotton.
of aphids/leaf Dose Treatments (%) Before spray 5 DAS Agro clean 1 3.59 3.45 -12.39 -11.4 Agro clean 2 3.57 3.32 -12.24 -10.52 Agro clean 3 3.57 2.76 -12.24 -7.12 Agro clean 4 3.58 2.61 -12.32 -6.31 NSKS 5 3.57 3.14 -12.24 -9.36 Dose of Imidacloprid 0.008% 3.61 2.1 17.8 SL -12.53 -3.91 Control -- 3.61 3.78 -12.53 -13.79 S.
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The dependent variable was the students' scores on the Nature of Scientific Knowledge Scale (NSKS).
Second, a modified Nature of Scientific Knowledge Scale (NSKS) which was developed originally by Peter Rubba (1977) to measure the nature of science.
The participaning teachers and students responded to the items by using a five point Likert scale labeled "strongly agree," "agree," "neutral," "disagree," "strongly disagree." A maximum score of 40 points for each subscale and 160 points for all the four NSKS subscales was possible.
The results of the analysis of the posttest and pretest NSKS scores served quantitatively to indicate which variables are significantly related to changes in students' understanding of the nature of science.
Data collected from the NSKS questionnaire were scanned by the use of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSSx).
The mean of the NSKS posttest scores was found to be significantly greater (posttest mean = 81.00, pretest mean = 67.00).